West Kent Chamber of Commerce is authorised by HM Government to certify EC Certificates of Origin and authenticate signatures on invoices and other documents as required in International Trade. We are authorised on behalf of HMRC to authenticate EUR1’s and A.TR’s. We can also arrange Arab-British Certificate of Origins and legalisation of your documents as necessary.

Opening hours for export documentation is Monday - Friday: 10am – 4pm

Should you have any queries concerning your export documentation please do not hesitate to contact either Lorraine Webb or Jo Bailey on telephone 01892 774769 or via e-mail at

Electronic documentation: If you would like to apply for your export documentation online The Chamber offers this service via Exporters can have their export documentation certified electronically and thereafter print these documents themselves without the time consuming need to visit our office. Kindly note that before our exporters can use E-Z Cert they must complete our Formal Undertaking & Arab Indemnity mandates and adhere to the Standard Rules.