Coronavirus or COVID-19

We have had several enquires this week regarding coronavirus or COVID-19 from our members asking what they can do to reduce the impact on their business.

We would suggest the following:

Do a risk assessment. Look at your supply chain to identify vulnerabilities if supply should stop and make contingency plans.

Consider the impact on your finances such as cash flow and discuss with your bank.

Consider the possible legal issues that may arise such as breaches of contract.

Review the advice and best practice from the Government, NHS and other organisations on a regular basis. Government advice - coronavirus

Where possible, keep in regular communication with your suppliers/clients in countries that are affected. Many of the factories in China that closed at the start of the outbreak are now reopening.

Make sure you have precautionary measures in place to minimise possible contact with the virus, such as enhanced hygiene and working from home.

If a member of staff is showing symptoms of the coronavirus, they should call NHS 111 or use their online coronavirus service.