The Mayor of Tunbridge Wells Christmas Toy Appeal

The Mayor's Christmas Toy Appeal helps local families living in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas whose current circumstances limit their ability to buy gifts for their children at Christmas. 

It was originally the brainchild of the Mayor and the manager of St George’s Childcare back in 1989 and has successfully provided for hundreds of children since then with the enormous continued support of the Mayor’s Office, the current Mayor, St George’s Childcare and The Big Yellow Self Storage. It is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and entirely self funded.

The families in need are referred by various agencies, including Social Services, Health Visitors, the local Women’s Shelters, schools and churches. The aim is to provide the children with a few presents each for Christmas Day.

The way it works is that between Saturday 11 November and Thursday 14 December there will be large boxes displayed in many collection points in the town and surrounding areas, including Paddock Wood, Cranbrook and other various locations around Tunbridge Wells. Some venues, eg Royal Victoria Place, will feature Christmas trees with tags that offer ideas for suitable gifts within a specific age range. People may donate new toys and deposit them at these collection points, where they are then distributed.

Please see the accompanying flyer which features collection points and gifts suitable for donation.